At MC Mechanical Heating & Air, we provide the systems and service that can keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. Our technicians have years of experience working with a number of systems to ensure that yours is running at its best.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Heat pumps are an excellent alternative for homes in South Carolina's generally moderate climate. Instead of heating air by forcing it across a flame like a furnace does, heat pumps pump heat from outside the home. They use an outdoor compressor to draw in heat from the outdoor air and compress it. Then, the pump moves heat throughout the home. Heat pumps are a highly efficient model for heating up your home. They are often matched with a furnace system to ensure the best possible performance no matter how cold it is outside.

If you have the heat on and your home isn't warming up, we can head out to diagnose the problem and perform the needed repairs. We stock parts from a number of manufacturers and have experience working on a wide range of systems. At MC Mechanical, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs so you’ll never have to go without the comfort of your heating system.

Furnace Installation and Repair

Furnaces can be used either alone or in conjunction with heat pumps to keep your house warm even during the coldest parts of winter. Furnaces use a fuel source, typically gas, to warm the air in your home. Unlike heat pumps, furnaces have to warm up cold air that has been pulled in from outside. It utilizes a burner that warms the air inside a combustion chamber.

Whether you need a routine maintenance or complete repair, our experts will be there in no time with the trusted expertise you can’t find anywhere else. We have experience with a number of systems and stock the parts you need to ensure that your heat is back on quickly.

If you have an older furnace, we can make recommendations about the right repairs or can install a new one if it is time to upgrade what you have. You will find that the new system works more efficiently to heat your home with less fuel and lower costs.

If you are building a new home, we can make recommendations about the most optimal system to fit your unique needs, whether that system is a heat pump alone, a furnace, or a hybrid system that uses both.

MC Mechanical is proud to serve homes and businesses in Lexington and Richland Counties. If heating in your home or office need attention, get in touch today. We can make repairs or replacements to keep your power bills reasonable and your property warm and comfortable.